Wedding videographers packages with Wilburn Productions in Tauranga and Bay of Plenty regions

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‘Forever & Always’ wedding video packages

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Your choice of options for our wedding videographers’ services is structured exactly the same as the NZ wedding photographers’ packages.

Just Married Wedding phootgraphy includes three cheers for the bride and groom

1: Foundation Package- Your “Wedding  Story”  2: Wedding Reception Coverage   3: “Fairy Tale”  Girls getting ready before the wedding  4 :Hidden Treasures” Girls and Boys getting ready before the wedding   5: “Shades of Romance” Engagement or post wedding – or both!  6: Your “Love Story” wedding video interview   Wedding videographers packages

When deciding on  my wedding photography and video packages for Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty you can choose to book just for your wedding video or wedding photographer, or the popular combination of  both wedding videos and photography combined

  • My Tauranga and Bay of Plenty Wedding videographers packages are designed to provide a  wonderful memento of your wedding day.
  • Wedding videos provide the best way to capture and preserve  the emotion, style, and events of your wedding day.

I strongly believe in the power of the ‘moving image’ in my wedding videographers packages.

Wedding videographers capture many happy and emotional mementos as your wedding day unfolds.

Wedding videos provide a  great way to share your wedding day with family and friends, long after your Big Day is over.


“We cant believe we got married a whole year ago – thank you so much for making our memories last forever through the brilliant DVD you made for us! I will be watching it later whilst having a little weep xx” Katie & Mike

“We watched the videos last night & wow you are a legend, it was out of this world, we had such fond memories watching the videos, cant wait to show them to everyone else, what can I say about your work, in one word AMAZING. Big thank u, love from the Simpson clan xxxxx” Micheal & Debra

“Hello! Pete and I just want to say a big, big thank you! We received our wedding DVD today and have spent the evening watching it, reminiscing and crying! You have captured everything we wanted! It is just PERFECT! Thank you so so much! You have a true talent at what you do and know you will make many other happy couples very pleased with the memories you have captured. All our love  Pete and Sarah xxx

‘I am so excited by what I’ve seen, but then again I knew your work would be excellent! Memories are all you have left and i must say you played a very important role in our special day and we don’t forget that. You were the nicest person who we were lucky to meet.’ Tara & Paddy

“Hello my dear,it was lovely meeting you all at long last and we wish we could have our wedding day all over again xx” … “Our wedding dvd came today and I must say that its just perfect and I was crying all the way through it. Thankyou so much of reminding us of our perfect day and perfect it was. Love to all Xxx”  Emma & Kevin

Lesley, Emma’s Mother -“Big thanks fore capturing  our daughters wedding day beautifully. You have done her proud. x x x”

”We received our DVD today and just finished watching it! Sooo emotional watching it all back – but got to say it was truly amazing! Thank you both for everything you did on our wedding day!” Gemma and Andrew

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Your finalized wedding videos in the Tauranga and Bay of Plenty regions help you enjoy your wedding day with family and friends for many years to come

Wedding videographers  spend many hours in the post production of your wedding video. In the edit suite we literally relive your wedding day over and over before your ‘Wedding Story’ video reaches you!

After filming your wedding we pay careful attention as wedding videographers in post-production to ensure that your wedding video is a smooth, enjoyable and emotional movie that you will want to watch over and over again, proud to share with your family and friends for years to come.


All edits for wedding videos are post produced in the order they are filmed.

There are a variety of ways your final video can be presented – usually on  disc  as  files to be played directly to your TV or computer.


Do you need professional wedding videographers?

When working out your wedding budget, the inclusion of wedding videographers often stands out as an area where money might be saved. If you are not sure whether you  want a wedding video at all, our advice is to have one!

With the reasonable prices that we provide for the inclusion of your ‘Wedding Story’ video we hope you choose to include the video in your wedding package.You can throw away wedding videos you don’t like but you can’t create a video you didn’t shoot!

  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking wedding videos might be boring or embarrassing. If anything the addition of wedding videographers helps to keep the photos fun and light-hearted!
  • As skilled wedding videographers we will make sure that there’s plenty of fun and laughter when capturing your wedding photography and video.
  • As a team we work closely with you throughout your wedding day to capture your ‘Wedding Story’ in an unobtrusive manner. We usually share a lot of laughter throughout the day – as wedding videographers and photographers we are skilled at setting you at ease!

We love to work capturing wedding videos and photography and thoroughly enjoy your day alongside you!

Choosing to include wedding videographers services will provide mementos to be  treasured for generations

There are some things that just can’t be captured in a photograph. The movement and energy of emotion – the sound of a voice – your wedding vows, speeches at reception – these are but a few.

Wedding videographers are skilled at being able to provide a real reminder, not only of  your wonderful wedding day but of all the  friends and relatives who came from far and wide to join you and celebrate your wedding.

Many hours are spent in the post production of wedding videos. If you choose to have a friend or family member capture your wedding for you – unless they are professional wedding videographers,  the chances are that you will not receive a smooth and well designed story of your day.

  • Good wedding videos require the videographer to be very comfortable with their equipment, well prepared,  and capturing footage with  a clear shooting plan.
  • Your wedding day will be a romantic, fun and once in a lifetime occasion, There is so much going on that you just don’t even notice on your wedding day – as wedding videographers we certainly help to capture those moments.

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