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A perfect circle with no beginning or end – wedding rings provide symbols of eternity!

A perfect circle your wedding rings are a symbol of eternity with no beginning and no end

In most western societies wedding rings are worn on your fourth finger – according to ancient tradition  this finger leads directly to your heart!


Worn as a symbol of everlasting love, in ancient Egypt wedding rings were woven from plants that grew alongside the Nile river. However the reed rings wore out quickly and eventually the design of wedding rings evolved to the use of precious  metals and stones.

Plain gold wedding bands are usually considered the traditional form of the wedding ring. These rings became popular because of their simple and practical style.

They are still commonly worn, particularly by people who lead active lifestyles or who need a ring that can easily be kept clean. Wearing wedding bands that are decorated with precious stones is actually just as historic a practice as the use of wedding rings itself.

wedding rings are symbols of eternity

Wearing a wedding ring, in many ways is a sign of the commitment that you and your partner are making through the blessing of marriage with your wedding rings as symbols of eternity and everlasting commitment

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Wedding rings also provide a sign to other suitors that you are taken! In this way your rings become a public confession of your marriage and what it continues to mean to you.

Wedding rings are symbols of eternity and ultimately,  a reminder of the promise that you and your partner have made to each other.

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Much depends on the wording of your wedding ceremony vows as to what your wedding ring actually means to you, so choose your vows carefully – they are sacred!

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