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As wedding photographers with vast experience in destination wedding photography we understand the  need for wedding photographers to work closely with wedding planners to ensure time-keeping is met for a smooth flow of events as your big day unfolds.

wedding planners take the stress out of the wedding working closely with your wedding photographers

Many factors, including your choice of wedding locations, the size  of your wedding and the number of guests you invite, will influence your choice as to whether you need  the service of wedding planners. Your budget and the cost of hiring independent wedding planners will also play a part in your decision.

Most couples and their parents all agree that wedding planners are worth their weight in gold!

wedding planners and wedding photographers liaise to keep a check on time

The relationship as your big day unfolds between wedding photographers and wedding planners may not be obvious,  but we work very closely together.

A smooth and scheduled flow of events is crucial to the success of your wedding day. Time-keeping is crucial.   Wedding planners, often referred to as weddng co-ordinators, hold everything together, overseeing and co-ordinating the events as your big day unfolds. Wedding planners definitely keep an eye on the clock!


One thing is for sure – when you look back on your wedding day you will be amazed at how time flew.  Wedding planners are able to co-ordinate the schedule and services of the many people who are in turn providing services for your wedding.

  • This is not only important to ensure a smooth flow of events and catering, but also for your budget.  Many wedding service providers have conditions as to their hourly rate.
  • It’s important to keep scheduled events on time throughout the day of your wedding.
  • Wedding car hire, taxi services, bus drivers, celebrants, and caterers are among those who may have time constraints and further appointments.

If photographers and wedding planners stay attuned, we  are able to work to a strict schedule without anyone else noticing!

We understand that if you haven’t made your entrance to reception at the appointed time, give or take a few minutes, scenarios arise  that can create havoc –  when the banquet has been prepared we don’t want the food going cold! Caterers will not be pleased!

From the arrival of the bride the wedding planner ensures the photographer and videographer stay on schedule

Wedding planners often have specific specialties

  •  Some wedding planners are focused on mass destination wedding bookings
  •  Specialized wedding planners focus on beautiful boutique weddings
  • Versatile wedding planners choose to plan any type or size  of wedding or special occasion
  • Many wedding planners will have photographers and videographers to offer you in their packages  and some will indeed steer you to us.
  • We are more than happy to capture your wedding, whoever the wedding planners may be!


Wedding planners not only take the stress out of planning your wedding but make sure you stay stress free throughout your wedding day!

Choosing reliable, experienced wedding planners is the key! You will then be guided throughout your wedding planning process in an enjoyable manner.  You develop a very important relationship with wedding planners in the months leading up to your wedding.

Wedding planners generally carry all of the usual stress involved in planning your wedding, and take all of the stress out of your big day. Good wedding planners make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams.

wedding planners help take stress out of wedding working closely with photographers

Some wedding venues provide in-house wedding planners

Many wedding locations provide their own in-house  wedding planners who will act on your behalf  to co-ordinate the events of your wedding while you are in their facility.

My wedding photography work involves providing wedding photography  and video services for destination weddings co-ordinated by leading UK airlines. They always use wedding planners and provide at least one wedding co-ordinator in resort.

Wedding planners take responsibility for liaising with couples, including ordering and preparing everything they need for a dream wedding.

wedding photographers liaise with wedding planners throughout your wedding day

  • Wedding planners will oversee the wedding bouquets and flowers,  arrange the reception décor and the table settings, set up seating and wedding ceremony arrangements. 
  • Wedding planners will make sure the reception locations. are in order and the necessary décor is in place.
  • Wedding planners will also oversee transport requirements between venue locations if needed, organize your menu and beverage plans, oversee your choice and timing of the cutting of your wedding cake.
  • Wedding planners are also able to arrange your wedding day entertainment.

As well as taking the stress out of having to oversee the planning of your own wedding, wedding planners will normally negotiate to get the best prices and will have already done a lot of the bargaining for you.

While you may initially think that you are saving money by doing everything yourself,  most couples agree in the long run that a wedding planner will definitely help get the best deals on your behalf. Most importantly wedding planners take the stress out of your big day and carry it on their own shoulders!

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