Wedding photography before the ceremony with Tauranga wedding photographer Michele Wilburn in the Bay of Plenty

Before your wedding we capture photography of the groom and his family and wedding party, along with the location setup before ceremony wedding day photography includes our wwedding web blog category of wedding photography and video of the groom and his best man,and family

Before the arrival of the bride we capture wedding photography and video before the ceremony of the location, the groom and his party, close family and friends

The last half hour before the arrival of the bride provides the ideal time to capture wedding photography before the ceremony of groom and his supporting party.

Very often the groom is having a last minute attack of the nerves, so this is a great chance to get his best man and supporting party and friends to help him along! We often have a lot of fun with the wedding photography before the  ceremony.

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 We capture wedding photography before the ceremony of the location setup, usually before the guests and the groom settle in for the ceremony.

It’s always an exciting time as the groom arrives with his supporting party, guests and family. The countdown is on for the beginning of the ceremony.

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Depending on the wedding location and your wedding schedule we  love to spend time with the bride and her party capturing wedding photography before the ceremony

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Wedding photography before the ceremony includes a balance of reportage coverage, catching the moment as it happens, and professionally posed shots for fun and to capture family and friends; all wedding photography before the ceremony is arranged to make for the very best selection of wedding photographs that you will treasure forever and always!

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