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 Wedding photography and video falls into several categories as events of your Big Day unfold

your-wedding_day-photography_and-video_ falls into several categies as the events of your wedding unfold

If you scroll through the categories of Wedding Day Photography and Video in my blog menu you will be able to envisage your wedding photography and video  within the various events  of your wedding day.

Wedding Day Photography and video

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Wedding Day Photography and Video

featured categories in our wedding photogaphy and video wedding blog

A slide show photography montage of a destination wedding day and evening photography and video including reception.

When capturing your wedding photography and video we try to make sure everyone has the chance to feel included and have fun on your wedding day

Guests and relatives have often travelled from far and wide for your wedding. It’s nice for them to feel included, and definitely provides great mementoes for your wedding photography and video portfolios. Most of all we want you and your guests to really enjoy the wedding photography and video events of your wedding day.

we love to include everyone at some stage in your wedding photographya dn video - especially guests who have travelled fr5om far and wide to attend your wedding

It’s helpful to appoint someone in advance to make sure guests and are ready for specific wedding photography and video sessions

  • Very often the bride and groom appoint members from the bridal party – the best man,  or a family member who is familiar with the guest list
  • This is your special day, so you will find you are in the middle of a variety of photo groups as your big day unfolds. We organize wedding photography and video sessions so that you get breaks to be with friends and family, both as a couple and individually
  • I suggest you also appoint a bridesmaid to take care of the bride throughout the photo sessions – to provide make-up if required, make sure the bride and groom always have refreshments, keep an eye on the brides dress for crumples and creases and generally to be the best bridesmaid on the planet! Being a bridesmaid is all about caring for the bride!


Engagement ‘Save the Date’  Pre wedding photography and video

engagement pre wedding photographers

Many couples use engagement photo sessions for their Save the Date websites.

Engagement photography and video  provides a great way to get to know your wedding photographers, and  get used to relaxing with the camera. Our engagement photo sessions are an additional option in our wedding photography and video package options.

engagement-photographers are perfect for helping you save your date


‘Getting Ready’ wedding photography and video ‘Bridal preparations’


Bridal preparations as well as preparations of the groom and his supporting party are an exciting part of wedding day photography and video.

Blog Category:  Getting ready 

  • We offer wedding photography and video package options for either the bridal preparations  we call ‘The Fairy Tale’ or the combination package option, ‘Hidden Treasures’ for both bride and groom preparing for their wedding.
  • I always suggest the bride and her party always allow an extra hour, over an above  the time you calculate you will need to get ready. This allows time for really lovely pre wedding bridal photography
  • We always capture lovely wedding photography and video mementoes of the bride and her bridesmaids, and also of the bride with her father, and on her own, looking he most lovely as she is about to depart for the wedding.


Wedding photography and video ‘Before the Wedding Ceremony’

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Before your wedding ceremony we aim to capture wedding photography and video of your wedding location set up along with the arrival of the groom and guests

Blog Category: Before the wedding

Depending on the wedding photography and video package options you have selected, this is where the Foundation package of ‘Your Wedding Story’ begins

  • Usually the groom and his supporting party and best man arrive to welcome family and guests before your ceremony commences.
  • This provides a great opportunity for wedding photography of the boys, usually having  a hand shake and larking about!
  • We spend a few minutes with the groom and his parents, and any immediate family
  • If the mother of the bride is at the wedding location prior to the arrival of the bride  we often capture photography and video of her a this point.

As guests arrive we capture mainly candid photography and video. If requested we record video of guests passing on a surprise message to the lucky couple – always a surprising memento when your video arrives.


We often capture wedding photography and video of the bride and her party following her arrival at the wedding location prior to her entrance or the ceremony. This depends on the wedding location, the wedding package you have booked and your wedding schedule



Wedding photography and video of ‘Arrival of the Bride’


 There is always a thrill in the air as the bride arrives for the ceremony

Blog category: Arrival of the Bride

Whether by bridal car, on foot, or by horse and carriage,  we capture wedding photography and video as the bride enters the ceremony.  Guests are always in awe  – a feeling of suspense  and anticipation charges the atmosphere! The arrival of the bride is included in your Foundation Wedding Story package for photography and video

We take wedding photography and video as the bride arrives - very often she has tears in her eyes as she is overcome with emotion

The arrival of the bride is usually a very emotional experience for both the bride and the groom.

  • The bride very often has tears in her eyes – overcome by emotions as she prepares to enter the ceremony  and take her place alongside her groom.
  • Take your time as you walk down the aisle! We love to capture photography and video as the father or supporter of the bride gives you away!

The arrival of the bride by horse and carriage always provides a thrill for the grooma nd your wedding guests


Wedding Ceremony photography and video

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We capture wedding photography and video throughout your ceremony

Blog Category: Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony photography and video is included in ‘Your Wedding Story’ Foundation photography and video package

Wedding celebrants and wedding photographers- making the most of your wedding photogrpahy during the ceremony

  • Think about how you are going to move into position for the ceremony.
  •  Have a bridesmaid prepped to sort out your dress and veil.
  • Take cues from your photographer and the wedding celebrant throughout your wedding ceremony; both will guide you!
  • Have a bridesmaid prepared to take your wedding bouquet before the exchanging of the rings takes place, and remembering to hand it back to you before the ceremony moves forward after the exchanging of your rings


‘Just Married’ wedding photography and video

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Blog Category: Just Married

Your ‘Just Married Kiss’ – your First Kiss as husband and wife is all yours. To the sound of cheers, whistles and hoorays the moment is all yours. We love capturing the wedding photography and video of your First Kiss – so much that we often ask you to have another one!

Take your time while signing the register. We like to get candid video and photography alongside some happy posed snaps as you are signing the register -man and wife!

We also want to get some wedding photography and video of your party who will be signing your life away with you! At this stage there is no hurry! Take your time and enjoy every moment. Your guests will be relaxed and chatting together – all in all you are basking in the ‘just married’ afterglow!


Just Married photography and video also includes you being introduced as husband and wife, and often being showered in confetti as you walk back down the aisle.

  • We capture candid wedding photography and video as friends and family meet and greet the bride and groom
  • If guests are provided a champagne or juice cocktail we love to get a group shot of everyone together  “Three Cheers for the Bride and Groom”


Photos and Fun – happy mementoes with guests, family and friends

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We are well organized in our approach to capturing family and friends mementoes for wedding photography and video

Blog Category: / Photos and Fun

A typical approach in your photos and fun sessions would be to capture wedding photography and video of the bride and groom with family

  • the father and mother of the bride
  •  the father and mother of the groom
  •  both sets of parents together with the bride and groom, followed by brothers and sisters on each side
  • extended family members on each side and then all together
Wedding photography folowing your ceremony with family and friends
Family and friends

Following this and depending on the time schedule, and a chance for the bride and groom to have taken a break – we often capture photos and fun with the bride and groom

  • with all the lady guests
  • with all the gents
  • with all the children
  • this is also a great time to get photos specifically requested from the bride and groom along with candid photography and video as spontaneous events unfold prior to your reception commencing


Bridal Party photography and video – fun for all!

Bridal party photographya nd video is always a lot of fun - a mixture of candid and organized fun photography
Bridal Party

Wedding photography and video including the bride and groom with their bridal party is always  lot of fun

Blog Category: Bridal Party

  • Depending on the location setup and whether your wedding ceremony is taking place at the same location as your reception we organize the photography and video accordingly.
  • We love to capture a mixture of wedding photography and video of your bridal party – all together as a group – and also the bride with her bridesmaids and the groom with his men. Small group shots of the bridal party spontaneously arise throughout the day.
Bridal Party
Bridal Party


Couple  Portraits – relaxed and natural with a touch of Hollywood glamour! Always Sealed with a Kiss!

couple wedding portraits provides a category in our web blog for couples wedding day photography and video. We take time to strike a balanced mix of candid photography with beautifully posed photos and video

Blog Category:  / Couple Portraits

We strike a balance of candid wedding photography and video of the bride and groom throughout their wedding day as events spontaneously arise – along with relaxed and beautifully posed photography – the Hollywood Shots!


‘Reception’ Wedding photography and video

Depending on your package options you can choose to have wedding photography and video for ‘Mini Style’ reception or ‘Full reception’

wedding-reception-entrance-wedding_photographers_video-auckland-bay-of-plenty-auckland-photographers_and_dvd (330 of 522)

Blog Category: / Onto reception

Your Foundation Wedding Story package provides for wedding photography and video from ‘before the wedding’ until after the bride and groom have entered the reception to e seated for the evenings events. We can either say goodbye at that point, or you may book our services for wedding photography and video for a Mini style reception or Full reception photography and video

  • If you choose to have us stay with you for either reception option we capture wedding photography and video  as events arise throughout the evening.
  • We never film during meals and always appreciate a small bite to eat!



Your relationship with your wedding photographer and videographer is important

To get the best wedding photography and video, in a thoroughly enjoyable manner it’s essential that you are relaxed and enjoying the experience.

This is your wedding day after all!  We love our work, and know exactly how to direct you in a subtle and  relaxed manner, making the most of spontaneous photo opportunities as they arise as well as beautifully posed moments.

For couples wedding photography we strike a balance between beautifully posed moments and spontaneous candid wedding photography as the moment arises

With your wedding photography and video, you are embarking on an exciting wedding day adventure.

As you will see by looking at some of our wedding photography and video, the events of your wedding day will be quite unique.  You will find yourself leaning on your photographer and videographer for guidance and to a certain extent for reassurance!. We are with you every step of the way, albeit most often in the background, and know how to make sure you enjoy every moment.

Please phone 0273269726 to discuss Forever and Always Wedding photography and video in the Bay of Plenty and Tauranga regions with Michele Wilburn.


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