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Wedding Photography Slideshows  by Bay of Plenty Tauranga wedding photographers Wilburn Productions

Wilburn productions Bay of plenty Tauranga Wedding photography Slideshows help you envisage the flow of wedding photography on your Big Day!

Heather and Paul’s ‘Just Married’ wedding photography slides show captures the fabulous couple heading off on a  horse and carriage for a ride around town before returning to their guests  and bridal party who joined them for some fun wedding photography. Heather and Pauls Wedding Photography Slideshow of the  Girls Getting Ready before the wedding. Heather and Paul’s wedding was held at the Alexandra beach hotel in Zakynthos, Zante, in the Greek islands. It was a happy event for all. I thoroughly enjoyed providing my services as their destination wedding photographer for their big day. I joined them to photograph the bridal preparations before the ceremony began. This wedding photography slideshow  is one of a series of several online slideshows presenting a selection of their photos from their wedding day.

It was all excitement in the room with Heather and her bridal party preparing for the wedding. This wedding photography slideshow captures the spirit of the ‘Fairy tale’ wedding photography package option as the girls have great fun getting ready for the ceremony.

Heather and Paul – Just Married – Photos and Fun! A wedding photography slideshow in the Wedding Day photography of Heather and Paul


A full wedding photography slide show gallery of  the wedding day of Charlene and Chris, showing the events from the girls getting ready through to the couples first dance. They chose to have a mini style photography reception option for their wedding photography package

A pre wedding photography slideshow  from Charlene and Chris’s wedding story package – leading up to the wedding ceremony. Charlene arrived on a horse and carriage for her ceremony – a perfect prop for the pre wedding photography

Although only a selection of wedding photographs are included it gives an idea of the flow of the day. Charlene was a beautiful bride – extremely graceful. I loved their wedding at Cameo Island  and wish them every happiness for the future.

The bride and groom Steph and  Mike chose a destinations wedding location in the Greek islands on Cameo Island. The bride flew in from Australia for her wedding.  We had great fun preparing for the wedding with photography in a lovely garden villa before heading off to Cameo beach cove. We had a lot of fun during the family and fun wedding photography -before we headed off to catch the sunset and wedding reception

Wedding photography slideshows are a great way to share your wedding photography with family and friends. Here is a small montage of wedding photography of  some ‘Just Married’ loved-up couples!

Stacey and Ashley’s beach wedding photography slideshow’s presenting a montage of wedding day photography highlights. They chose a destination wedding location with a ceremony overlooking the sea. The rain cleared just in time for the ceremony much to everyone’s delight. Stacey was a gorgeous bride – we had a lot of fun with their wedding photography.

Tina and Williams wedding photography slideshow captures the flow of events throughout their wedding day. They traveled from Ireland for their destination wedding. Tinas gorgeous wedding gown was set off perfectly with a brilliant veil – we had a lot of laughs as the wind decided to get the better of the veil. I loved Tina’s choice of colour for her bridal party attire – set off perfectly with her bright bouquet of summer flowers

 The bride and groom contacted me from China to arrange to meet in  Europe  for their wedding photography. It was late October with autumn storms looming – we had a lovely day  – they particularly wanted beach and forest wedding photos –  they were quite happy to be blown around  with the stormy weather.

I met Lucy and Jaromir from the Czech Republic for their wedding day, They had decided to head away from  home territory and marry –  just the two of them. We spent time capturing engagement photography before their wedding day.  Their wedding ceremony photography was very intimate. Following their ceremony we set off into the sunset for some fun and photography before the evening set in.

A wedding photography slideshow with a montage of wedding photography taken before  the wedding ceremony. During this pre-wedding photography I  photograph the location setup, capture pre wedding photography of the groom and his best man – and of course his family if they are available.

Mr & Mrs Pantling’s Wedding photography slideshow provides an overview of their wedding day as they married and celebrated at the Garden Village. I loved their wedding – everyone had a lot of fun and laughter – what a gorgeous couple!

 Justin and Beccy’s  Beach side Wedding Photography Slide show with wedding photography capturing their Foundation ‘Wedding Story’ Package option

A slideshow montage of children and family photography captured during some weddings

A wedding photography slideshow with a focus on flowers – look at the subtle impact your choice of flowers has on your wedding photography – and location decor!

Just Married wedding photography and sealed with a kiss! A wedding photography slideshow montage capturing happy mementos following the ceremony

A short wedding photography slideshow gallery of snap shots of a gorgeous Romanian bride and her newly-wed husband!  She didn’t know it was her wedding day until the morning arrived – I had great fun capturing their wedding story photography.

Michelle and Matthews Beach Wedding Photography Slideshow with a Foundation Wedding Story Package. Michelle was the only bride I have ever photographed who wore no wedding shoes – from the beginning to the end she was in bare feet! They say bare feet are the perfect wedding shoes!

Michelle and Matt’s Alex Beach Wedding Photography Slideshow of their  Foundation Wedding Story Package. We had a great time together. I had fun with Michelle on the platform overlooking the sea  – all was going perfectly until the strap of her shoe, which was attached to the platform rope , decided to unbuckle and fall into the sea – I thought was in for a swim – but we managed to rescue the shoe just in time!

A wedding photography slide show of the wedding ceremony photography of Heather and Pauls beach wedding Ceremony – a happy occasion and extremely beautiful bride with her handsome husband.

A wedding photography slideshow ontage of family and friends wedding photography – a great part of each wedding photography portfolio for photos and fun

Another very hot day in paradise – a Garden Village Wedding Photography Slideshow
 A Cameo Island Wedding Photography slideshow – happy families and friends, a beautiful bride and groom,  with a lot of fun throughout the wedding photography

Anna and Jezwev’s  Seascape Wedding Photography  slideshow – they chose a  wedding location overlooked a vast expanse of ocean.  Their wedding was a wonderful occasion. They were joined by close friends from home. I enjoyed my role as destination wedding photographer at their beach wedding.

 Nick and Dena’s Cameo and Garden wedding Photography slideshow! Their wedding was a wonderful event with many friends in attendance.


Martina and Jaromir’s Garden Village Wedding Photography Slideshow began as I met them at their holiday accommodation an hour before we set off for their wedding. We stopped by at a small church on the way to the wedding – and took some delightful pre wedding photography of the happy family in their red sunglasses. The garden village wedding was charming, followed by a walk on the beach at sunset before settling back at the Garden village Gazebo for a reception meal.

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