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Wedding group ‘photos and fun’ photography adds delight to your wedding day for you and your guests

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Wedding group photos and fun photography always add joy and delight to your wedding story photography and video packages, and to your wedding day schedule and events.

  • Your wedding day is a huge celebration – with family and friends gathered from far and wide.
  • With wedding group photos and fun photography and video you are able to preserve wonderful mementos of your guests, bridal party and family.
  • Following your wedding ceremony, photography and video is often captured with a candid meet and greet session.
  • If your guests are served champagne this is a great time to get a group shot of al your guests assembled – three cheers for the bride and groom!

We also capture ‘photos and fun’ photography in groups with family and friends in Tauranga Bay of Plenty

  • Very often we get all the boys together with the bride and groom, and of course all the girls get their turn as well.
  • In addition to the bridal party photography and family wedding group photography there are wedding photography shots requested by each couple.

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Wedding group ‘photos and fun’ photography provides a perfect mix of candid and organized group photos

We always discuss your preference for wedding group photos and fun photography in advance. Very often the flow of events that you have scheduled in for your wedding day will dictate a realistic approach. I always feel it works better to have gaps where the bride and groom can relax, but also be at the centre of the group photos – they get to have fun with their guests  and get great photography and video mementos at the same time!

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