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 Wedding Ceremony Photography Tips for the Bride and Groom

Most wedding photographers will tell you that wedding ceremony photography is always a creative challenge. Wedding ceremonies are obviously very intimate occasions and much of the communication throughout will be between you and your celebrant.

Tips for couples to help them get the best wedding_ceremony-photography

In order to enable your wedding photographers to get the best wedding ceremony photography, consider the events of your wedding ceremony in advance

Every wedding ceremony is unique. Spontaneous moments and emotions coupled with the unique order of  service of your ceremony are precious mementoes you will appreciate in your wedding ceremony photography for years to come.


Time flies during your ceremony. Before you know it you will be announced as husband and wife and the lucky groom gaining permission to kiss his bride! So prepare yourself, pace yourself and take your time to enjoy every moment.

Many wedding photographers find capturing the wedding ceremony photography is the most stressful part of their work during the wedding

  • Wedding photographers need to be fully alert to capture the  events of your wedding ceremony photography, all while trying not to get in the way of your guests or your wedding celebrant.
  • The arrival of the bride leading up to your wedding ceremony is an event in itself. I have provided tips for the arrival of the bride separately.

 Before wedding ceremony photography begins check your bridal gown and veil is free of creases

arrival of the bide for the wedding in horse and carriage

Its a good idea to appoint  a bridesmaid, or a helper, in advance to take care of the brides dress and bouquet throughout the day. Before  your ceremony begins your appointed bridesmaid can arrange your dress and veil so that they are laid out beautifully, ready for your grand entrance!

  • Most brides will be given away by their father, a close relative or a friend. Decide in advance which  arm and side you will be standing on
  • When you arrive to be given away it is a lovely gesture for the groom to be able to shake hands with your father and  place your hand into the hand of your groom.
  • Plan  in advance where each of you will stand on arrival and how you would like to be standing throughout the ceremony
  • Before your ceremony begins your appointed bridesmaid or wedding planner should attend to your bridal gown, especially if there is a train, making sure it is laid out neatly. Many times the photographer is left to sort the bridal gown –  this is an almost impossible task with cameras the hands of the photographers are full!


 If the bride and her father pause as they approach the aisle this gives the photographer time to settle in and capture wedding ceremony photography as the bride arrives.

  • Take care not to block your photographer upon arrival. Most likely your photographer will be in the best position to take photos. If possible always aim to position yourself with your photographer in mind.
  • Many destination wedding ceremonies are over within 15 to 20 minutes. Church wedding ceremonies are longer and can be up to an hour. If you are aware in advance of the stages of your wedding ceremony photography and video you will feel more relaxed as your ceremony takes place.


Wedding ceremony photography and video includes

The introduction and ongoing interaction between the couple with their wedding celebrant or minister. Every ceremony is unique, with each couple having chosen the order of service to suit their personal taste and preferences. It is quite usual for couples to choose to have music, poetry and a selection of prayers and readings alongside the exchanging of their vows and rings.

Wedding vows provide an extremely intimate  and emotional portion of your ceremony. It’s not unusual for the bride – or groom to shed a tear and feel overcome with emotion. Simply take your time and compose yourself to move forward when you are ready

wedding ceremony photography includes the exchanging of the rings and vows

Good wedding celebrants request the bridesmaid to  take the brides bouquet before the exchanging of the rings take place.  The bouquet should be passed back to the bride, following the exchanging of the rings.

To capture good wedding ceremony photography of the exchanging of the rings we need your hands to be clearly visible. Ideally your hands will be tilted slightly forward so your photographer can see the upper portion of your hands. Hold the ring to each side of the band with your thumb and index finger keeping your other fingers tucked in comfortably.

Your Just Married Kiss

Perhaps the most exciting and thrilling part of your wedding ceremony photography will be your Just Married First Kiss. I don’t have any tips on this subject – it’s just great to capture whatever comes naturally at that point in time.

Please click on the image to scroll the gallery of special moments in wedding ceremony photography – your Just Married Kiss!

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