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The groom and his party are always a great team

groom and his party before the wedding

It’s a great compliment to be asked to be the best man or an usher at your friends wedding.  The role of best man is a main supporting role. The groom and his party who provide support to the groom and guests throughout your wedding day are always a great team.

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  • The groom’s party consists of the best man and the ushers who  help out on the day of the wedding and support the groom.
  • The best man is usually the team leader of the groom’s party. The groom  usually choose s one best man and has a supporting chief usher who has special duties
  • As wedding photographers we capture portraits of the groom on his own during the wedding day photography

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As your wedding photographers we capture portraits of the groom, often before the wedding. Please click the photographs to enlarge the images of the groom

The best man supports his groom and guides the groom’s party throughout the wedding day

The ushers are the floor managers on your wedding day, usually taking  charge of crowd control and helping out in general. Often an usher is appointed to make sure that family and friends are  each gathered for their ‘family and fun’ photography . This is a really good idea – and helps to keep the wedding photography flowing.

  • Ushers help your best man with duties and are in place as guests arrive for the ceremony. Sometimes an usher is master of ceremonies instead of a toastmaster.
  • Usually the best man organizes a stag party for the groom. He gives a wedding speech at the reception., usually with a few shady stories about the groom and his past!

Before the wedding ceremony we usually take photos of the groom and his party. Even though he may have nerves of steel the groom is usually nervous immediately before the ceremony. This provides a great time for the party of the groom to humor him a little and prepare for the wedding in general.

Bridal party photography always includes the groom and his party with the bride and her bridesmaids.

We always have a lot of fun with bridal party photography with a mix of candid fun shots with posed but relaxed photography. This way you get the best of both for your wedding photography portfolio

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