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Wedding photography of the bride and bridesmaids includes a mixture of candid and posed photography and video

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It is always wonderful to catch the many different facets of each wedding day with a focus on the photography of the bride and bridesmaids. Apart from the spontaneous photography that arises we set time aside throughout your day  to capture photography of the bride and her bridesmaids.

Depending on your choice of ‘Wedding Story’ package options, video and photography of the bride and bridesmaids often begins when we arrive at your room as you are preparing to get ready for your wedding day.

beautiful-bridesmaids-auckland-photographers_and_dvd-(94-of-163)Photography of the bride and bridesmaids

Photography of the bride and bridesmaids continues throughout the day, often until long after the sun has set!

Usually by the time your wedding day has arrived you have spent the months in preparation before your wedding liaising closely with your beautiful bridesmaids.

It always fun capturing wedding day photography of the bride and bridesmaids, and there’s usually a lot of laughter!

With the bride and bridesmaids always looking glam on the day of the wedding, photography of the bride and bridesmaids provides a wonderful focus for the wedding portfolio.

Photography and video of the bride and her bridesmaids always provides a great chance for the bride to take time out and enjoy the moment! And with your mementoes to look back on long after your big day is over – you’ll be enjoying the photos and video for many years to come!

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