Mother of the bride with Tauranga wedding photographer Michele Wilburn

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The mother of the bride has a special place in wedding day photography – with Tauranga wedding photographer Michele Wilburn

Mother of the bride photography with the bride always takes pride of place on your wedding day

The most important role of the mother of the bride is to help make her daughter’s wedding day one she will treasure forever. This involves supporting the bride to be  in the planning of her wedding  in a variety of ways. On the wedding day itself I always take time out as the wedding photographer to capture the mother of the bride and her beautiful daughter together.

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Of course the wedding day itself is one of the most important in your daughter’s life,and there will be a myriad ways the mother of the bride can support her daughter, all while having a great time!

Before the wedding the mother of the bride often provides shopping and wedding planning support

Often the mother of the bride has the fun of accompanying her daughter in their quest for a perfect wedding dress,

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The mother of the bride will also help the bride find  “something old” or “something new,” and a silver sixpence for her shoe!

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The mother of the bride often liaises with the caterers, the florist, your wedding planners, organizing entertainers, and with visiting and choosing  wedding locations to help in the choice of wedding venues.

When  guests begin to arrive the mother of the bride is often considered the hostess, welcoming guests.

Mother of the bride photography and the bride share an emotional moment leading up to their wedding

From this moment she falls in the line of the wedding photographers, so obviously the mother of the bride is going to want to look her best and feel comfortable in her surroundings.

  • Often the brides mother will stay in the reception area of the ceremony location and greet guests as they arrive.
  • She is not usually seated until all guests have arrived and settled.
  • When it’s time to begin the ceremony, ushers usually  seat the mother of the groom, followed by the mother of the bride. The mother of the bride is seated last on purpose, as a  signal for the ceremony to begin.

Once they are dressed abd ready for the wedding the mother of the bride and the bride are often photographed together before the wedding begins

Wedding etiquette suggests the mother of the bride follows the lead of the bride as to what color dress she chooses and the formal style of the dress

  • During most weddings I have photographed the brides mother is present with the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding. The mother of the bride usually helps the bride into her dress and veil,
  • I love to take a special photograph of the mother of the bride and her daughter before the wedding – you are both looking gorgeous and emotions are beginning to run high. This is always an intimate time on the wedding day and a special photograph will help trigger the flow of those events and emotions.

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