Just Married Wedding Photography with Tauranga wedding photographer Michele Wilburn in the Bay of Plenty


Just Married Wedding phootgraphy includes three cheers for the bride and groom
Just married wedding photography with three cheers for the bride and groom!

Just Married Wedding Photography and video captures the emotions of your first moments as husband and wife!

The moment has arrived where you are finally husband and wife. Just married wedding photography and  video begins with the signing of the register. This is always a great chance to get some candid snapshots and also your first wedding photography couples portrait.  My advise is to take your time throughout this phase of your wedding. Enjoy every moment as you adjust to your Just Married Status.

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Very often your wedding planner will announce your status as you are ready to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife. Your guests are often armed with confetti at this point and you are literally showered in confetti to the delight of everyone.

Wedding group ‘photos and fun’ photography often begins with a shower of confetti as the happy couple walk back down the aisle.

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Just married wedding photography and video includes your guests greeting and congratulating you as a married couple. This is often an emotional phase of your wedding day with hugs and kisses abounding! Just Married wedding photography and video provides a great chance for some spontaneous Just Married wedding photography and video

Following your ‘meetings and greetings’ with family and friends it is very usual for your guests to be provided either a glass of champagne or alternatively a scrumptious drink. I like to gather all of your guests at this point  while they still have the glass in their hands, and take Just married Wedding photography of your entire group of guests – usually to the sound of “Three Cheers to the Bride and Groom!”

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