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Bridal wedding hairstyles add the finishing touch to your wedding gown

Bridal wedding hairstyles that are suitable for beach weddings include updos

Selecting bridal wedding hairstyles can be quite a task. It really is worth narrowing down your choice and  having a pre-wedding session with your hairdresser – to find the bridal wedding hairstyles that you know you’ll love to wear! Most bridal wedding hairstyles work well with headpieces and veils. You can choose just the hairpiece – veils always look great in wedding photos. I am a big fan of veils!

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As a general rule, for outdoor beach and garden weddings I strongly advise choosing bridal wedding hairstyles with an ‘updo’

Even the slightest breeze will sweep loose hair over your face – definitely not a good idea when choosing bridal wedding hairstyles for gorgeous wedding photography. Consider your location carefully when choosing bridal wedding hairstyles that suit your gown and face shape.

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Some lovely bridal wedding hairstyle accessories that have been very popular over this years wedding season. Please click the photos to view bridal wedding hairstyles and accessories

Whether you’re wanting waves or soft ringlets embellished with flowers, you can find many romantic bridal wedding hairstyles that are perfect for your dream look. If you love the classic look of a wedding gown with a veil most hairstyles work well with a variety of gorgeous bridal wedding hairstyle headpieces and jewels.

Here’s a few tips to help when sorting out your bridal wedding hairstyles

  • Bring your stylist  to your home – arrange your appointments as soon as you have chosen your stylist and set your wedding date. It can be really stressful running around to salons on the day of your wedding.  Listen to music,  have fun with your bridal party,  and enjoy those last few hours as a single lady!
  • Get to know your hairdresser in advanc and perfect your look  in advance.
    Book your hairstylist for events leading up to the wedding to test out different looks and find the best fit
  • It’s best to wash and dry your hair the night before to ensure your style has staying power, particularly if you’re getting an updo, If you’re wearing your hair down you can  wash and dry it that morning.

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