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Working as freelance  producers, photographers, authors and lifestyle producers for many years  has involved a wonderful variety of productions.  Wilburn Productions has evolved over many years  as a family team.

With many years living in London UK and Europe we are now settled back in NZ  in Tauranga, in  the Bay of Plenty.  Our production work includes  Tauranga and Bay of Plenty wedding photography and videography, family portraits and special events, healthy lifestyle and fitness  productions,  commercial photography and video ,  and a variety of spports, fitness programmea and travel documentaries.

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Since returning to New Zealand we are excited to be providing Tauranga wedding photographers and videographers packages  in the Bay of Plenty.

We now capture wedding photography and video anywhere  in NZ from a Tauranga Bay of Plenty base, with a variety of weddings in the South Pacific and Europe.

It was about fifteen years years ago that we  captured the first wedding, standing in for a friend in the Greek islands,   A eureka experience!

” What an absolute joy it was to not only work with you but to also to have met you. You are a very special person. You made our wedding day so special, the photos you took on the day have provided us with memories we would not have had. That’s your work that shines through. Many, many thanks for sharing our day. Many thanks for filling our day with joy. Finally, many thanks for leaving us with a record of our day that is sublime. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and working with you.  Love and peace my friend.
Andy “

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Taking a break from fitness productions we took up an invitation to film a series of Youtube videos for a wedding co-ordinator to help market her business in Greece – the perfect excuse to attend numerous weddings capturing video in amazing locations.

We’ve been attending weddings ever since!  Definitely more than a weekend hobby! As producers, attending weddings, with romance in the air,  filming beautiful brides, loved up couples’ and their happy guests has become a favorite pass time!

Life as a destination wedding photographer and videographer is full of surprises

The last two  summer seasons in the Greek islands involved photography and video wedding productions as the resort photographers and videographers for a leading European Airline providing great pleasure photographing and creating videos for many fabulous couples, their bridal parties and family groups.

When you  plan and set off for a destination wedding you have to put a lot of trust in your wedding photographer and videographer. You usually dont get  the chance to meet up with them until the big day itself, or to discuss your preferences indepth.  Many arrangements are co-ordinated through the main in-resort wedding coordinator – so it’s surprises all round for everyone.

Beautiful bridesmaids add colour and franrance to the wedding

Auckland wedding photographers and videographers packages for Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Tauranga regions also include family and childrens phoitography and video for special events

Tauranga Wedding photographers and videographers packages for Bay of Plenty and Tauranga with best prices this season

Tauranga, bay of Plenty and Auckland wedding photographers and videographers packages with best prices this season

Best wedding photographers and videographers packages for Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Tauranga regions

‘I am so excited by what I’ve seen, but then again I knew your work would be excellent! Memories are all you have left and i must say you played a very important role in our special day and we don’t forget that. You were the nicest person who we were lucky to meet.’ Clare and Michael

Some local Greek  Orthodox island weddings I was honored to film for friends

Working as  a destination wedding photographer and videographer for a leading airline in Europe  is an art in itself – every wedding is full of surprises!

Capturing ‘Wedding Story’ photography and video is an exciting adventure!

It is a great feeling as an artist to create and capture the magic and romance of your wedding day.  Artistic passion – as all wedding photographers and videographers will tell you – is an essential ingredient that shines through  your ‘Wedding Story’ photography and video.

“…to create memories through your wedding photography and video you’ll treasure for a lifetime!”

In my wedding photographers blog categories please check out the ‘Wedding Day photography‘ section to get a feel for how the flow of photography of your wedding may unfold.

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 I capture a unique blend of spontaneous candid wedding photography and video, interspersed with beautifully posed photos and portraits.

  • Wilburn Productions has a reputation for capturing  magical memories of your wedding  story in photography and video – that’s why I have a little fairy as my motto logo! Waving her magic wand!
  • There is no better way to present your ‘Wedding Story’ than with beautiful wedding photography and video  – all designed to capture the essence of your big day!
  • I take care  and work hard to capture a beautiful and realistic portrayal of your wedding, both on your wedding day and following your wedding with detailed post-production of your wedding photography and video. 



Kind words from Happy Couples

wedding rings are symbols of eternity, perfect circles with no beginning or end
Symbolic Wedding rings

Tereza & Ivan

“Hello, we would like to say THANK YOU one more time! You did an excellent job on our DAY!!! Pictures are amazing!!!! We keep watching them all the time again and again…! We printed another 100 of them, I put it on YouTube, … THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU..!!!! ..also with all organization, all the time you spent with us… All the best, Tereza, Ivan, Julianna and Nicolas”

Best Wedding photographers and videographers with special last minute prices in Tauranga, and the Bay of Plenty

“I am so excited by what I’ve seen, but then again I knew your work would be excellent! Memories are all you have left and i must say you played a very important role in our special day and we don’t forget that. You were the nicest person who we were lucky to meet.” Tara

Jody & David

“You captured our day fantastically. The DVD  has travelled far and wide to family in Canada, Scotland and Australia. It was fab and totally exceeded our expectations.” Jody & David

The Simpson clan

“…we watched the DVD last night & wow you are a legend, it was out of this world, we had such fond memories watching the DVD, cant wait to show it to every one else, what can I say about your work – in one word AMAZING. Big thank u, love from the Simpson clan xxxxx”

Mr & Mrs Pantling

 “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You were the best photographer we could have asked for. Your passion for what you do really shows in your photographs. I still cry at our wedding photos, they just capture every moment of our special day and it really is overwhelming how much you captured!! Not only that but your slide-shows are INCREDIBLE!”


A Wilburn Wedding Video from the 1950’s – one of the earliest home video film camcorders – capturing the wedding of my parents

In New Zealand recently we met an old family friend who had footage of my parents wedding day, captured on one of the earliest home movie film formats in the early 1950’s. We were able to transfer the video into this small wedding montage.

A Wedding video montage of my parents, Diana and Keith Wilburn filmed in the 1950’s on one of the first home movie camcorders in NZ

Regardless of the outlived quality of this video, filmed over sixty years ago, viewing their wedding day video really brought home the importance of having your wedding captured on video in ‘moving image’ by wedding videographers

.Wedding videos will enable your children, grandchildren and their grandchildren to identify with you, through your wedding day, as well as preserving treasured memories of relatives and family friends, even long after they have passed away.

I am always honored to attend as your wedding photographer or videographer, capturing treasured mementos with your wedding photography and video. Whatever your budget I will style a wedding photography and video package to suit your requirements. I have special prices  for wedding photography and video production  this year with packages from $650.00

If you are looking for wedding photographers or video production get in touch!

Phone or text  0273269726 We hope to meet you and capture ‘Your Wedding Story’ –  to provide you mementos ‘Forever and Always’ for many years to come!

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we capture your wedding story through magical photographya dn video presentations

Your wedding will be a highly emotional and exciting celebration – without a doubt one of the best days of your life!

Every wedding has it’s own unique emotion, social ambiance and special flow of events.  Surrounded by friends and family who are nearest and dearest, you can be sure of great excitement and emotion as the celebration of your special day unfolds

Wedding shoes can make quite a statement and a perfect wedding photography prop