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Michele - author, presenter, photographer and videographer - 'Forever and Always'wedding photography and video by Wilburn Productions

I work as a wedding photographer and videographer from my New Zealand base in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty,

I also produce lifestyle videos, all variety of family and children portrait photography,  and commercial photography and video for web and businesses.

Working as a freelance photographer, author and video producer for over twenty five years, mainly based in the UK and Europe, has  involved a wonderful variety of productions  including  photography, video  and projects for fitness, weddings, family and special events, healthy lifestyle  productions, commercial work and  travel documentaries.  As all producers will tell you – we live very exciting and sociable lives, always on the go!

Throughout my site you’ll also see wedding photography and video from my last  wedding seasons in the Greek islands as the resort wedding photographer and videographer for a leading European Airline.  Often this involves  photographing a wedding a day – in the scorching heat! Whatever the weather I  take great pleasure photographing many fabulous couples, their bridal parties, family and friends.

I capture your unique ‘Wedding Story’ with photography or video in such a way that will create everlasting and special mementos of your wedding day you will be proud to share.

I often find myself smiling into the camera, and laughing, or crying with you! My emotional connection to your big day is really important as it helps me to connect with you, and produce your Wedding Story video and photography in a way that will forever remind you of the emotions and sensations of your wedding day.

Long after your big day is over it will be your wedding photography and video that will provide your treasured memories for a lifetime!

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My wedding photographers and video packages in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty are available for both wedding photography and video

Please phone Michele 0273269726 to discuss your wedding photography and video in the Bay of Plenty and Tauranga regions.

“We would just like to thank you again for the amazing pictures you have produced of our amazing day. Having looked through them we are taken away with all of them and i can only describe them as extremely amazing and you are a very creative and talented lady. ” Michelle & Matt

Your ‘Wedding Story’ provides the foundation package for  my wedding photography and video packages in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. Simply add on  options to create your perfect wedding photography and video package

Our wedding photography and video packge options

It is an honor to attend your wedding as either your wedding photographer or videographer

I aim for the balance of capturing your Wedding photographs and video, with a mixture of candid spontaneous moments, where you will not even be aware that the camera is on you – and also with beautifully posed shots.

couples photography portaits



Capturing your Wedding Story in photography and video  is about filming with an eye for emotion and detail. I am skilled at being able to quickly develop a very personal relationship with you – each and every couple, which is essential, not only in helping you feel comfortable and able to relax throughout your day, but in ensuring that you will get the best photographs and video of your wedding day.



“Thank you, thank you, thank you. You were the best photographer we could have asked for. Your passion for what you do really shows in your photographs. I still cry at our wedding photos, they just capture every moment of our special day and it really is overwhelming how much you captured !! Not only that but your slideshows are INCREDIBLE.

You completely exceeded our expectations, you are an absolute gem – for anyone who is looking for a photographer in Zakynthos then we fully fully recommend Michele and Wilburn Productions!! Lots of love Michele and Wilburn Productions”   Mr and Mrs Pantling xxxxxxxx

Please take a look around and browse my wedding photographers and videographers galleries
Please browse my  wedding   photography and video  galleries to get an idea of wedding  photography and video.

“Hi Michele

We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for our beautiful photographs. They are absolutely perfect and even better than we could have imagined! We are delighted and can’t wait to show all of our friends. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and we are so happy we chose you to be a part of our magical day!”  Heather & Paul

auckland wedding photograhers and videographers services with best last minuite prices for nz wedding photography and video in auckland, bay of Plenty, Tauranga with packages for last minute wedding photography this season

Over the years I have gained expertise in coordinating  the flow of wedding photography and video events so that everyone has great fun and feels included. I also make sure that each couple has a great selection of wedding photography and video, as a perfect memento of their big day.”

Long after your wedding day is over it will be your wedding photography and video portfolio that provides treasured mementos for a lifetime!

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As you browse through my Wedding Day blog you’ll get an idea of how your wedding day photography and video will unfold.

As your wedding photographer or videographer I direct you in a relaxed manner, to get you looking your very best!

  • The relationship you develop with your wedding photographers and videographers is really important.
  • Whatever location or type of wedding you have chosen, you will be embarking on an exciting adventure. As you will see by looking at some of my Wedding photography and videos, the events of each wedding day will be quite unique.
  • Whatever style and location of wedding you choose, you will find yourself leaning on your photographer and videographer for guidance.

I am with you every step of the way, and know how to make sure you enjoy every moment.


Your wedding photography and video captures the day in your life where you will be at your most beautiful and ‘dressed to your best!’

  • By the time you walk own the aisle you will have gone through a lot of effort planning and preparing the details of your wedding day.
  • When the big day finally arrives it is always exciting as you prepare with your party on the day of your wedding.
  • As your wedding photographer or videographer I help you plan in advance to establish a realistic time schedule so that you are not rushing at the last minute.

Add a personal touch to your wedding location with wedding decor and accessories


We get beautiful wedding photography and video before your wedding when you are dressed in your gorgeous wedding gown, complete with accessories, jewels and bouquet – there’s no doubting that as a bride you will be at your most stunning ever.


As ‘girls’ we know how important it is to capture you beautifully on your special day.I always find it a great excitement to be a part of the emotion and commotion as your big day unfolds.

The ‘getting ready’ before your wedding is definitely a part of your day that you will be glad to have photography and video mementos to look back on with family and friends.

You will have had great fun selecting your wedding gown and the grooms attire, along with that of your bridal party. And of course you will have made a great effort to ensure your wedding guests are well catered for.
When your ceremony finally arrives the moment is yours!

Girls getting ready pre bridal preparations wedding photography and video setting off for wedding
Girls getting ready pre wedding bridal preparation photography dress
I do on soles of your wedding shoes Girls getting ready pre wedding bridal preparation photography shoes

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Wedding Day Photography and Video falls into several categories as your ‘Big day’ unfolds

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Bridal party photography continues through your wedding day a mixture of fun nd beautifully posed photography
Bridal party photography and video is always fun. Depending on your wedding location in Tauranga and the bay of Plenty and the events of your wedding day bridal party photography provides a selection of candid and posed photographs.
Bridal party photographya nd video is always a lot of fun - a mixture of candid and organized fun photography
Bridal party photography and video mixes candid mementos with organized fun photography
A wedding gallery of beautiful brides -the heart and soul of the wedding
Beautiful brides are always the focus of wedding day photography and video
Beautiful brides in wedding photogrphers and videographers gallery
Browse the beautiful bride galleries
Wedding planners help to keep the events of your Big Day on schedule
Wedding planners remove the stress when planning your wedding
Wedding planners remove the stress when planning a wedding
Bridal Bling – All things bright and beautiful!
wedding bouquets and flowers are aalways a great delight for wedding photographers and videographers
Wedding Bling & Things
Beautiful wedding bouquets and floral decor
beautiful wedding bouquets in cream roses against blue nz wedding photographers and videographers dream
Fragrant and beautiful wedding bouquets are a wedding photographers delight
Choosing wedding photographers and videographers
Choosing wedding photographers and videographers for your wedding day

When choosing  wedding photographers and videographers in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty to capture your wedding story you place a lot of trust in your wedding photography team.

I capture the events and spirit of your wedding day combining a mixture of candid spontaneous mementos with a flow of relaxed and beautifully posed shots.

Capturing your Wedding Story in photos and video  is about filming with an eye for emotion and detail, adapting wedding photography and video to meet the taste and requirements of each couple!


For couples wedding photography we strike a balance between beautifully posed moments and spontaneous candid wedding photography as the moment arises

Providing a balance of reportage coverage, catching the moment as it happens, with professionally posed shots makes for the best selection of wedding photography and video. This approach  captures the flow and mood of your big day for the best wedding photography and video



  • Good wedding photographers and videographers are skilled at being able to very quickly develop a personal  relationship with you and your guests.
  • This is essential, not only to help everyone feel comfortable and able to relax throughout your wedding day, but to ensure that you will have genuine fun – getting the best photography and video of your wedding day should be a delightful experience for everyone!

The bride and her bridesmaids is always a feature of wedding bridal party photography an video

Weddings are always happy occasions, filled with excitement, emotion and joyful sentiments. The beautiful wedding bouquets and floral delights, the splendid bridal party, family and friends – everyone dressed to their best! Music, food, love and laughter! It is a real blessing to work as wedding photographers and videographers. What better way to spend the day!

My wedding photographers and videographers blog rpesents a variety of wedding galleries